Why Do You Need The ACAR Report?


Receive your ACAR Report the same day your financial statements are completed!


Dealers and managers quickly pinpoint profit opportunities in the easy-to-read ACAR Report.



Manage your dealership with benchmarks, graphs, productivity analysis, CSI, market share, the ACAR Profit Planner, and more.

Let Us Provide a Diagnosis

We make it simple for you to set a path for success. 

ACAR provides a solution to maximize your auto dealerships profits and keep your operations running at full efficiency. Combine all aspects of your dealerships into ONE simple report. Do you have more than one store? There are a lot of things going on in your dealerships. Let ACAR be your road map. The ACAR Group Report compares each of your dealerships side-by-side. Compare franchises in the "Industry Standard Report", included in the ACAR Group Report.


By using our thorough and comprehensive reports, we can diagnose whatever is ailing your car dealership. We analyze a wide range of factors relating to your business as a way to give you the best and most extensive report possible. You might be dealing with a larger overhead than you require, or perhaps you are having a difficult time narrowing down ways of improving and optimizing revenue. 

R.E.A.P. the Benefits of the ACAR Report

Our report breaks down your business's operations into a variety of categories, which ultimately help you better get a grasp on your company's financial situation. The primary components include Revenue, Expenses, Assets, and Productivity, or R.E.A.P.


Revenue streams for dealerships can be varied beyond the basic car sale, and can include things such as warranties, add-ons, repair services, etc. Our report will allow you to see your revenue stream as an accessible and easy to digest readout, and it will allow you to see what aspects of your business need improvement.


Expenses are one of the more critical components of a business, and one of the best ways to maximize profits is to get a greater understanding of where your money is being spent. ACAR's report will provide you with extensive information on your expenses, and will provide an invaluable tool to have at your disposal. Our reports break down expenses into every category, and give you the best overview of your company's outgoing costs.


Assets can often be a hard thing for businesses to quantify and measure, and it can be difficult to assess your dealerships total value. Assets can include your current inventory of vehicles, loans, the value of your building, the value of your land, etc. Juggling all of these wide-ranging parts of your dealership can be a tricky balancing act, and it is easy to overlook certain assets when assessing your overall valuation. Our report will give you the most complete assessment of your business' value, and will provide you with an accessible accounting of all of your assets and liabilities.


Productivity is another key component in running an effective dealership. Productivity is another business aspect that can be hard to measure, as employee productivity isn't as easy to determine as revenue or expenses. However, with ACAR's report you will be able to understand your company's productivity to a greater degree than you thought was possible. We look at a variety of standards and measurements in determining your dealerships productivity levels. By having our report in your repertoire, you will have quantifiable information regarding your overall productivity. We can assist you in furthering your productivity standards by helping to define what productivity entails, and how it can be improved.

Create Your Dealership's Free Sample

Our report includes graphs, pie charts, a profit planner, and comparisons of monthly, quarterly, and yearly revenue and expenses. On average, our clients have seen a $100,000 increase in their yearly gross profit after utilizing our report. We firmly stand behind our product as being a valuable tool to aid and assist your dealership in reaching its fullest potential. A sample of the ACAR Report, or ACAR Group Report built specifically for your dealership, and a consultation, will give you a solid look at how ACAR can help your auto group, or dealership, optimize profits and performance.

Are you in a Twenty Group? A Twenty Group focuses on what others are doing. ACAR focuses on what you are doing. Many of our dealers find both are essential for success. Are you a Ford dealer, Honda dealer, Toyota dealer, Nissan dealer, Chevy dealer, Lexus dealer, Chrysler dealer, etc., or all of the above? We can help generate profits.